Saturday, February 4, 2012

7 Things I Love {About a Kitchen by Tommy Smythe}

So, funny story. I pinned both of these pictures within 2 minutes of each other and really liked the flooring in both of them. Then when looking for the original sources, I realized they were actually the same kitchen! HAHAH!! Alright I know it's not that funny of a story. I'm not really laughing. I'm more ashamed. Because that broke one of the guidelines I gave myself for pinning photos to Pinterest. 

Clearly I wasn't paying that much attention to my pins if I didn't even realize these were the same room. Oopsies.

If you've read some of my previous posts, you may know that I don't like to mindlessly pin a bunch of rooms, without noticing WHY I like the spaces. What elements make it work for me...what draws me in...what inspires me in the room for my future designs...etc. When I really observe those details of a space, I feel like I can (almost) justify my time spent on Pinterest, because I really am forcing myself to learn and observe for a minute or two, rather than just clicking re-pin and moving on.

To redeem myself for so carelessly pinning without noticing it was the same room, I'm going to give my thoughts on what I love about this kitchen.

Both photos via Milk & Honey Home-Designer Tommy Smythe

7 things I love about this kitchen:

1) The tile choices. First, the floor. I love the darkness of it. It adds great personality and charm to this room that it would otherwise lack if a less graphic floor were used. Without it, it would really lose its wow factor for me. Second, that backsplash. I love that it isn't as predictable as the classic white subway tile that I'm so used to seeing lately (although I do love subway tile!). The choice of backsplash gives the room a more sleek and modern vibe. (PS: Notice how many rectangles are in this room? Count them, I dare you. Another reason why the swirly grey and white backsplash is a much more interesting choice than adding MORE solid rectangular tiles like subway tile).

2) The two-toned cabinets. White kitchens are sweeping the earth these days. But sometimes I am tired of white kitchens and LOVE the drama of either more color, or just black and white layered together. Keeping white on the top cabinets still gives off the feel of a white kitchen, but anchoring those cabinets with black underneath looks pretty awesome if you ask me!

3) Unless my eyes are failing me, there are stainless steel countertops by the sink. In my Sustainability & Materials class, we recently learned how stainless steel counters resist bacteria growth better than any other counter material.

4) Pretty glass cabinets. Sigh. The best. With a collection of white dishes peeking through...even better!

5) The double french doors & windows with personality. 

6) The lantern. It reminds me a little of the lantern my mom has in her dining room. That lantern paired with the rustic wood table bring the room down to feel less glamorous, and more casual. 

7) The sheer fact that Tommy Smythe designed it. (Sarah Richardson's hilarious and talented partner on Sarah's House).

Two considerations:

1) If this space were for me, I might considering adding just a SMIDGE more color to this room. Maybe even just a little in the seat upholstery for the chairs.

2) I've always like the idea of a little dining table in the middle of a kitchen...but when I actually think about it, I would feel very in the way if I were sitting at the chair by the sink while someone was cooking or cleaning up the kitchen. I've noticed my favorite kitchens usually have an banquette in the corner, away from the main work triangle.

What do you guys think of this kitchen? 

Did we have some of the same loves 
and considerations?


memory said...

lovely blog, love this kitchen. (i'm the new kid on the to PARTY!)


Jillian {Her Split Ends} said...

Great post lady! You are SOO right, it's so easy to just mindlessly pin things...and then realize you've wasted tons of time can't remember! I will FOR sure be following your little rule of thumb from now on. I also love all of the details of that kitchen. The light die for.

LaraBeTheOne said...

Great post :) Kitchens should always create healthy look environment

Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

I absolutely love it. Now I will have to pin this from you (and probs repin it again later) You're right, that floor is incredible!

Ceashells said...

I feel the same way! Something about the clean lines of the back and white paired with the rustic table and it all! thanks for sharing...pinned yet again! lol

Prairie Cat said...

I would feel in the way, too. I love kitchens with a seating area that is a little separate from the main work space.

LeeLee said...

Great post, love this kitchen design.

Diane Streicher @ Diane Again said...

Interesting to read your strategy on Pinning. Mine is kind of the opposite..I pin quickly and intuitively, just going with a gut response of "I love it!" For me, the analysis comes after I have pinned maybe 20 or 30 pics to a board...THEN I go back and look at the patterns and similarities among my pins, and draw conclusions about what I am telling myself. Isn't it so curious how we all have our own ways of using Pinterest? Such a versatile tool.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

don't worry girl, i could see how you wouldn't notice how they were the same kitchen. the angles are misleading. love the tile choice, the double french doors, and the lantern. beautiful!!
xo TJ

Lauren said...

Well, I think you can totally be forgiven for thinking they were different kitchens. My eye is totally drawn to the window (after that gorgeous floor!) in the second shot, and it's not even visible in the first shot.

And that floor! Gorgeous. I said it once, but clearly, I had to say it again.

girl said...

I love, love this kitchen. So much that I am putting the exact same floor in my kitchen!! What color grout did you use? i want to make sure mine looks like yours does! Thank you!

Judith Poremba said...

Love this kitchen. Where can I purchase this lantern?

jack said...

Alright I know it's not that funny of a story. I'm not really laughing. I'm more

Unknown said...

This was so much fun to read! I love the clean lines of the back and white tiles! I would love to read more from you guys, thank you for sharing this one! Check our blog also guys!