Sunday, March 3, 2013

Oh Whales.

I've shared with you guys that I'm a fan of whales...
(first here and then here) and you know what, that love remains.

While continuing toward my interior design degree and working at my dream internship this year, I have been loving being a contributor/design assistant for my mom's blog, The Inspired Room! So fun. In our most recent Gather post, we gathered up the cutest whale items from around the web. 

So, fellow whale fans, enjoy!

Sources are listed here!


Unknown said...

i love this inspiration! great idea with the whales, so unique and really adorable pieces! i am in love with that wind vane!


Anonymous said...

Love all of these finds! You've totally opened my eyes to the coolness of whales. I actually thought of you for a moment when I bought little leather shoes with whales on them for Aiden. :)