Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sleepy Monk

Introducing...a precious little cafe called Sleepy Monk.

It's actually located right across from Found 
(the antique shop I posted about a few days ago).

I had without a doubt the BEST coffee drink I've ever had there. It was called Druid's Delight. Espresso, steamed milk, caramel sauce, vanilla, and then CHOCOLATE whipped cream. 

Whoa. It was. A. Dream. 

Isn't it cute though? It was just a quaint, homey little shop...just the kind of place I would love to go study at (if only it wasn't 5 hours away from my school!).

I love the eclectic feel of this cafe. There's just something so special about spaces that feel like they've been created over time, with pieces collected many different places. Really, for me, that's the only way to go with design. A room just doesn't feel right to me if every item is new or is from the same store.'s the last week of classes before Christmas for me here in Seattle! This next week and a half will be filled to the brim with late night studying, essay writing, coffee drinking, drawing, some drawing, oh yeah and also lots of DRAWING. 

But the end is in sight! Very soon I will be done for the quarter and have a nice long break to spend at home with my amazing family and friends.

Thank you guys so much for all your support in my very first week of blogging. You have all been so sweet with your comments and emails. I feel very welcome now in Blogland!

Bye for now! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Before the days of Pinterest, {in the ancient times}, I made what I call my Home Binder. 

It's filled with ripped out pages of magazines that inspire me...sectioned by room.

Some of the pages are from a homework assignment freshman year...back in the day when my interior design assignments were as simple as looking through magazines. 

Little did I know the intense (but amazing/fun/great) projects that were to come. Like the ones that I've stayed up til 5:30 AM finishing...those were good times I tell you. Good TIMES.

Anyways, I made this a few years ago but I still 
love this binder and continue to add to it.

But nowadays...Pinterest is my go-to place for inspiration. 

A Country Farmhouse

Lately I've realized how much more inspired I am with design when I look closely and actually analyze why I like a room before I pin it. Instead of just mindlessly pinning up a storm. I guess you could say I pin with PURPOSE. (Is that line cheesy? Maybe.)

When I pin a picture...I either make a mental note or put a caption for myself listing off the elements I appreciate. So that the next time I'm designing a room, I can remember what kinds of things make me love a space!

This way, I honestly feel like I'm learning more about design while I'm pinning. Or maybe that's just what I tell myself to justify procrastinating/spending time on Pinterest...
Country Living

I love looking through my boards later and seeing what kinds of things I am drawn to regularly. You can learn a lot about your sense of style just by scrolling through what you pin!

How do you guys use Pinterest?

PS: If any of you are interested in following my boards, here's a link if you want to follow me and see what's inspiring me! (it's also in my sidebar)

Sunday, November 27, 2011


As I talked about in my last post, Cannon Beach, Oregon is one of my favorite places. I've been going there many times a year since I was 6 or so...but somehow I had never been in this store until this last summer! I love discovering little shops like this!

The moment I stepped foot in the door, THIS beauty was sitting there. I have a thing for distressed wood...and for anything minty blue. Needless to say...this little dresser caught my eye.

Then...THEN...there was this glorious multicolored armoire. 
Kind of Anthropologie-esque wouldn't you say? Wanted it. 

Can you tell I get really excited about stores like this? I'm a little obsessed. Guess I'm in the right major!

I hope you guys had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! I much so that I've postponed driving back to school for the last possible second. I wanted to live it up at home as long as I could before I start this busy week! So, the 7:20 AM ferry awaits me tomorrow morning. Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sesame and Lilies

Feast your eyes. 
On one of my favorite stores ever, 
in one of my favorite places ever. 

It's called Sesame and Lilies, located in the 
precious little town of Cannon Beach, Oregon.

There is so much to look at in this store. Cuteness. Everywhere. 

I loved this light fixture. This light ended up being the inspiration to me choosing a similar light fixture in my most recent design project...which I'll be sharing more about in a future post!

Dash and Albert rugs

These blankets were so expensive. But so beautiful. And so soft. I should know...I pretty much stroked every one of them one by one until I felt like the store clerks wanted me to stop.

I almost died when I saw this little pendant. Those scallops...they kill me. If I could be a pendant light...I'd be that one. Is that weird to say? Oh well. It's true.

Look at how cool these industrial stools are!

The only downside about this shopping trip was that I kept feeling like I was being watched. Only to realize...I was. By this:

And this:

Oh and apparently this:

I thought this front pillow was so pretty. Just a really subtle animal print. I'm not usually a fan of animal print at all...but this pillow made me reconsider that a little. A LITTLE. 

So I was inspired, and right when I got home I decided to redesign my bedroom, incorporating REALLY subtle animal print. Nothing too wild...just a subtle accent of animal print. 


And here's my new room! Thoughts? yeah. I crack myself up. {why aren't you laughing} 

Anyways, back to the pretty stuff.

I want to own that metal lamp on the left. And all of those good smelling soaps.

I ended up leaving the store with one thing that I love.

Please excuse the darkness of this picture...but that elephant print above my bed is what I bought. It was only about $4...and perfectly filled the blank spot above my bed in my college house!

So that's that! I'd say it was a successful shopping trip. I get so much inspiration just from wandering stores like this. 
Can't wait 'til I can go back again!

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving :)


Hello! I'm Courtney Lane. 

 I'm a 20 year old interior design student 
in Seattle, Washington.

And today...I'm starting a blog. This blog will be filled with inspiring design photos/ideas, my design projects for school, and whatever else pops into my mind each day. 

And sometimes, it might just be something 
random that made me laugh.

Like this:

And that will be it. That weasel will be the extent of my post. 

And you'll all probably quickly exit out of this box and never 
return to my blog again because you'll think I'm weird.

But don't worry. Ridiculous things like that won't be a regular occurrence on here.

(...or will they?) I go. Starting a blog. 
Thanks for reading!