Friday, March 9, 2012

Patterned Wallpaper {De Gournay & Anthropologie}

It's rooms like these that remind me how much I love pattern. While I know white on white is so popular these days, I still love a room with a good pop of color and pattern! 

I love the mixture of that more traditional wallpaper with the modern chevron rug. So unexpected, but awesome. This room would be so much more FLAT without those bold patterns bringing it life.

Designed by Miles Redd. Photo bPaul Costello

Also, notice what's at the end of the bed there? I love the stacked magazines, might have to steal that idea and make use of the millions of magazines stored in my house!

Here's a few similar wallpapers
 from Anthropologie to recreate this look: 

Anthropologie- Vanuatu Twilight
Anthropologie - Topsy-Turvy

And, two of my favorites from Anthro's wallpaper line!

Anthropologie - Watercolor Peony
Anthropologie - Woods
What do you think of wallpaper? Would you use it in your house?


Maria M. said...

I love wallpaper, and I especially love the use of it on one accent wall to really give a room that extra "something." I would definitely use wallpaper in my house, and can't wait until my husband and I OWN something so that I can finally give in to my wallpaper obsession! ;-) Great post!

Contemplating Beauty said...

I ADORE Wallpaper, but because of the cost and complications of it, I've passed on having it in my home, but boy I would love it! I adore that room!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would ... I love wallpaper. I've been wanting to paper my daughter's room.
I've always loved that image with the de Gourney wall covering too.
By the way... I just tagged you today... come over and see!

Simple Daisy said...

I thinks it lovely...but I have to say...i'm not much of a wallpaper girl myself:)

lovely said...

I love almost everything about this room, especially the floor to ceiling curtains on the left. I'll be saving this picture for future reference. Wonderful blog. So glad I found it :).

nataliakristine said...

Wow! What great wallpaper! Anthro has some of the best out there. :) When I actually own a house someday, I would love to use wall paper in a few rooms, but my husband is pretty anti-wallpaper, so I'll have to work on that a little. :)

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

i love the wallpaper! Anthropologie - Watercolor Peony is my favorite! the pop of pink is beautiful! i would def use one of these in my house, i love anthro!! love your blog!

Xo Kelly

Erika said...

I love that room, especially the wallpaper! I really like the lamps as well - great colour and shape to them. I currently have no wallpaper in my house, but I have been thinking about adding a feature wall behind our master bed. Seeing this inspires me to do it soon! Thanks,

The Scent of Glamour said...

Amazing wallpaper!!! Spring theme!
What a wonderful blog!!!
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Jadyn @ Dutch.British.Love said...

Sooo lovely. What a great mix of patterns and love the pops of aqua blue. I so want to use wallpaper in my house, but since it is a bit more pricey than paint, I will have to think hard about where I want to use it and save my pennies to make it happen. Love your picks, and while I love the flowers, the tree pattern has my heart right now. :)
Hope you're having a great weekend lovely Courtney!

Diane Streicher @ Diane Again said...

Wait, what's that supersonic whooshing noise I hear?? Oh right, it's the sound of another fallen-from-favor decorating trend coming back round for another go. Hello, wallpaper; it's nice to see you again.

Breakfast at the Zemke's said...

I was looking at anthro's wallpaper the other day and was swooning over how lovely it all is and deciding which room in my home I'm going to cover in all this loveliness. Then I saw the prices... wallpaper is pricey apparently. Paint it is.


Un peu du tout said...

Wow I'm impressed with the wallpapers, they are awesome!!
And of course I would use it in my house (;

Janice Montague said...

Anthropologie has a nice collection of looks (I like the Enchanted Forest one) but at those prices, there is not a big difference between that and some of the less expensive handpainted ones, like Griffin and Wong ( and Gracie.

Carol William said...

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