Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Fever {Kind Of} {Part 2}

Have you ever had baby fever? I have, but not in the 
'I want a baby now' sort of way. Definitely not. We talked in this post about how my 'baby fever' really only consists of looking at cute baby pictures and shopping online for the items that come with having a baby.

I still am many, MANY (did I say many?) years away from being ready to have a baby. But that's not stopping me from window shopping online and dreaming up baby nurseries. Nope. Can't stop me. Evidence of my baby fever:

1. Auggie {cutest baby bedding ever}
3. Land of Nod: Hello there precious whale sandwich cutters. Oh whales, I like you. (If you missed it, I confessed my love for whales here).


susana said...

so sweet*

Rachel said...

Haha baby fever!?! Not for me! I feel like everyone I know is having babies tho so i'll probably have to get in the baby buying mood soon!

xo Rachel

Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

I have baby fever all the time and I have 2 kids... This post isn't good for me. Lol;)

B said...

I'm still many years away from having babies too, but I still get all kinds of baby fever! Like just want to look at pictures fever and actually wanting to have a baby fever! Love your finds!