Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Throw Blanket Roundup

What do stripes, softness, cable-knit,
 pompoms, and alpacas have in common?

Well, I don't actually know the answer to that. But they all made an appearance on my throw blanket roundup today...so they're kinda related, right?

I love all of these. My mom actually has #3, and it is ridiculously soft. Also ridiculously inexpensive at Pier 1, I might add!

Which one is your fave?


JW | PEONY said...

Ok. I'm loving #6, the alpaca blanket. I haven't clicked the link yet... I'm praying it isn't too $$ cause I seriously have to have! ...World Market is a good sign.

Glad to know a fellow weirdo ;) loved your comment on Peony

Chelsea Olivia said...

Number two..wantwantwannnnnt a cable knit blanket! A huge heavy one for my bed would be amazing. Just came across your blog with Hellocotton, definitely following :) x

Kristin said...

What a cute space you have over here! Visiting for the first time, and just loved your "Gray's House" design scheme. - Oh, and I think whales are pretty fab too :-). Hope your day is a great one!

Jillian {Her Split Ends} said...

how i LOVE a great throw! These are fantastic. We literally have like 6 randomly around our living room! {the pups loves to snuggle under them all the time!!}

~ Jillian

Sonya said...

Too fun. I have to say I surprised myself a bit this morning. I'm kinda, sorta diggin' the alpaca a whole lot. Thanks for sharing these little treasures.

Missy Minicucci | The Rinfret Group said...

Loving the anthro blanket and ur adorable blog! New follower, sweetie! xxx

Jadyn @ Dutch.British.Love said...

I so want to cuddle up with a soft blanket now! Love that one with the alpacas!

Erika said...

#2! Oh, and I tagged you for a blog award, if you're into those things!

james allen said...

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