Monday, December 5, 2011

Little Things

Finals week is near. I can't believe it.

The busiest quarter of my life is about to end.
All I have to say is PRAISE. THE. LORD. I've never been so excited for Christmas break. The moment I walk out of my last final this week, I am going to fall to the ground and scream with joy. Well probably not. But mark my words, I will be SO happy.

To celebrate/give me a little distraction from my homework, I thought I'd make a little collection of just a FEW of the  simple things that just make me happy.

Chalkboard walls {picture from Voyage, the church my family and I started!}

via pinterest

Cozy blankets.
{See where that cute chevron blanket is made here!}

Coffee. This break I'm planning on having many cups of coffee. With whipped cream. And peppermint. And sprinkles. It's more festive that way. Except I can't say that I don't do that all year round...

Games with my little brother. Hoping to spend lots of time with this little guy this break...I love him.

The sky. Saw this lovely sky while taking my dog for a walk a few weekends beautiful!

Breakfast and cute cups. 

Winston, my sweet 16 year old pup. He loves to gaze out at the ocean at my grandparents' beach house. 

PS: quick sidenote...I swear I saw Winston doing 
this pose the other day: 

I did a double take. It only lasted for a second. But he was doing it. He may be 16...but he looked so graceful in that pose I couldn't even believe it.

My 6 month old puppy, Jack.

These, among so many other things, make me happy in midst of absolute CRAZINESS this week. 

What's making YOU happy this week? 


Marriage from Scratch said...

I love cute mugs, puppies, cozy blankets, and good coffee too! Good luck on your finals :)

his little lady said...

1. winston is ADORABLE!
2. is jack a labradoodle? perfect!
3. whoever came up with chalk walls is GENIUS!
xo TJ

The Dayleys said...

I'm in love with your puppies :)And your blog is absolutely darling! Happy Holidays