Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More than just a pretty picture


I cannot stop looking at this bathroom. The design of it is filled with so many things I love in one little space. As I described in my Pinterest post, I really find value in closely looking at a space I like and deciding WHY I'm so drawn to it. What elements work well for me...what feeling the space gives off...what I would like to consider using in my own future designs...etc. Anyone can pin a pretty room. But to creatively design a room just as beautiful yourself, it's helpful to be aware of what MADE you love that picture so much in the first place.

Here's why I like this space:

1) Neutrals. Can't go wrong with that! I love how it's a light and airy space, mixed with warm elements (the antique cart, floor, and wood mat). Without those warm elements, the room would be really missing something for me. The textured dark floor adds a masculine feel to the otherwise feminine room.

2) Several mirrors vs. one big one. That alone makes this room interesting and unique. The different sizes and shapes of mirrors are an unexpected twist! And of course, they make the room feel larger.

3) That charming sink vanity. I love how it looks one-of-a-kind. It definitely adds character that the room would be lacking without it. 

4) The lighting. Mixing lanterns and chandeliers...lovely.

5) Distressed white chair as towel storage. Unexpected. 

What do YOU like about the room?

*I found this photo on Pinterest and couldn't find the source for the life of me! After an hour or so of searching, I found a place that said it was from BHG. But I had no luck finding it there to give you guys the exact link! SO...if you know a better source for it, let me know! But for now, the best I can get is that it's from BHG. I'm a big believer in giving the correct credit/sources on my blog!


Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

I love this. So much.

Jo said...

This is such a pretty bathroom! I love the shower curtain.

meesch said...

This bathroom is amazing! I love the wooden crate at the foot of the shower, that's an awesome idea! Love this = )


Tiffany @ Savor Home said...

I love using furniture for vanities. So charming... I love all of the mirrors in the space, too!