Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bye-bye Pink Walls...

Yesterday was simply a success. I made blueberry scones. I took Jack on a walk by the lake. I found a cute striped sweater tucked away in the garage that my dad didn't want anymore.

But the real success of yesterday was that I FINALLY finished the daunting project of painting my bedroom. 

If you read my mom's blog (theinspiredroom.net) you most likely know about the highly unfortunate flesh color of all the walls of our house, which we like to call...swine. The builder of this house intended for it to be a nice tan color, I'm sure...but the pinky undertones turned out to make my family feel like we were surrounded by pigs at all times. Maybe we're being a little dramatic. But being design lovers, we really prefer that pigs aren't a theme in our home. Sorry. Not a fan.

Luckily at this point, almost all traces of swine had exited the premises. However, my room had two very sad swine walls left.

 My goal of last summer was to paint my room. One day, I was on a roll and painted the whole day...finishing the two biggest walls. It was the first time I had painted my own room, edges and all. I was so proud. I wanted to finish the rest, but after that I kind of lost my steam. I actually mainly just didn't want to have to move the big pieces of furniture away from the remaining walls. Sometimes I'm lazy. Oops.

Anyways, a week or two passed by and when I finally might have gotten the motivation to start painting again, I had to have an emergency appendectomy. GREAT. That was near the end of summer, so the rest of my break was spent recovering and being unable to do anything at all strenuous, including standing on ladders and painting my room. So this is what I was left with at the end of the summer:

When this winter break rolled around, I was determined to FINISH what I had started. Yesterday I glanced over at this corner, and the next thing I knew I was dragging furniture away from the walls as fast as I could.

I was sprinting up and down the stairs multiple times to get the supplies. Searching high and low for a stir stick. STILL searching for a stir stick. Finding one tucked deep in a crevice of the garage (really?). Hauling a ladder up the stairs. An hour later and I was all situated, and I painted the rest of the day.

It's Studio Taupe by Behr (All-in-one), a really nice color that we've used in many rooms of our house. That above picture makes it look like a dark charcoal but it's really not thaaat dark. This pic from my mom's stairwell shows it off better (it's the gray color in the stripes):

No after pictures of my room yet...still lots to do! But I am so happy with how much better my room feels. And mark my words, the sick color of swine will never again be found in this room.

Do you have any projects like that? That have taken you waaaaay longer than you expected? It always kills me how fast design projects appear to go on HGTV. Lies, I tell you.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

Hi Courtney

No need to get baking yet! Not when there's painting to be done. I finished my living room LAST weekend, so I know how you feel. The taupe is beautiful, by the way.

Have a good day.

Upscale Downhome said...

Congratulations on completing your room! DIY always takes longer than I think or want it too. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment about the tape measure ribbon. I now will be following your decorating adventures!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting your room done. I can relate to the colour problem, my lounge is not one but two lovely shades of yellow. Unfortunately, my landlord thinks it's lovely so won't let me paint it. I see a move in my future!

Tarataloo said...

Our living room and kitchen are Studio Taupe! Obsessed....