Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pattern Mixing

So, I love pattern. 

It brings a room to life and adds personality like none other. I think a lot of people are intimidated by pattern and what to do with it. And I understand why! For me, there is definitely a fine line between a fun mix of patterns and an overwhelming amount of busyness. But then again, it just really depends on how much pattern feels like too much for you. Sometimes I want a more subtle room with less pattern and more texture, but other times I like to mix patterns together like stripes, florals, and geometrics.
6th Street Design School
Caitlin Wilson Textiles
You can't do a post about pattern mixing and not mention Sarah Richardson. Her pattern mixing blows me away. She has an amazing design sense and is one of my greatest design inspirations!

Country Living - Sarah Richardson
Sarah Richardson
A little pattern can also quickly change the way a room feels. This room above, for example, would feel entirely different to me without that sweet polka dot pillow or without the sky blue vine fabric on the bedskirt. Can you picture the room with those gone? The style definitely changes. Not necessarily bad, just a different feel!

Are you a fan of pattern? Do you like to mix it or does it intimidate you?


Jillian {Her Split Ends} said...

Love me some pattern FACT i was just working on a blog post about it the other day ;) Great minds think alike!!

~ Jillian

Anthony Armendariz said...

Patterns are great, but I think it takes a good eye to do it well. Without a good sense for composition and color theory people will do all kinds of crazy stuff.

Maria M. said...

I love this post! I am a big fan of mixing pattern, and I have just started trying it out in my own home! Loving. It. :-)

Aukse said...

Such a beautiful post! I do like pattern mixing and searching for different textures in the thrift stores. They really have some amazing ones. :)

Dainté said...

amazing post, and really great blog :)