Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Spring Break {according to Instagram}

Well, spring break has come and gone. Can't say I'm quite ready to jump back in to classes yet, so as a little transition, here's a few snapshots of my spring break! The parts captured in my Instagram, that is. {courtneylane1}

It started out with a delicious end-of-finals breakfast with my amazing housemates at Portage Bay. There are few things I love more than going out to breakfast! I got the 'Rancher's breakfast' and let me tell you, it could have fed 3 of me. What you don't see in this photo is a massive plate of potatoes, eggs, and bacon. So. Much. FOOD. Thank goodness for to-go boxes.

Cherry blossoms arrived outside of my Seattle home.

Starbucks and a blueberry muffin by the ferry. Was I mad that they didn't have any pumpkin scones? Maybe. Does anyone know if those are seasonal!?!? If so, that would explain why no Starbucks I go to EVER has them anymore. But really though, I'm not mad. Just hurt.

Housesitting, babysitting, and dog-sitting for a few days. After multiple times of prying a pencil out of my pup's mouth, I took matters into my own hands and bought a spray bottle to DOUSE him with the next time he pulled any stunts. It worked like a charm (for about 5 minutes until he decided it was a toy). Blast.

Begging for my strawberries.

Family breakfast: waffles, strawberries, whip cream, 
and coffee of course.

I was a bit of a painting feind in the last few days of break. Can't wait to show you guys the projects we worked on at my mom's house! 

While taking my sister home to Seattle, my mom, sister and I decided to treat ourselves to our first Sonic meal.

And how could we not stop in Ikea when we were so close?!?! This poor little clown was left behind in the cart parking section. Abandoned...and alone. I left Ikea with a new duvet cover and a divine smelling candle. Thanks Ikea!

Spring break, you treated me well.
How was your week? 


Unknown said...

looks like you had a wonderful (and delicious!) spring break :) i want a pumpkin scone, too! sadly, i think they are seasonal. whose idea was that?!?

GingerMommy said...

noooooo...you went to IKEA without me :(
But I'm glad you got a duvet cover...I wanna get me one of those too.
And I had no idea that we had a Sonic around here...I think I need to go there - never been before.

Meg Arnold said...

your pup is adorable :) springs break, yes i miss it too

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the wonderful color in the painting tray? It's so pretty!