Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Terrain, An Anthropologie-esque Shop

If you haven't been able to tell already, I love finding new shops. Check this one out! It's called Terrain. A friend sent it to me and I'm in love with so many things on their site. It reminds me of Anthropologie in a lot of ways. They have some great vintage and industrial furniture, design books, and gift options here too!

If only I 1) wasn't a poor college student and 2) were going on a huge shopping spree, here's just a FEW of the beauties that would be going in my shopping cart (and by a few I mean I paired it down to 12 instead of 50). Enjoy.

^This is a cutting board!

Cool stuff right?

If you like those, go over and check out the rest for yourself!

PS: I checked my blog stats today to find that my blog's top searched keywords are none other than: 'Lion King Disney' and 'Mufasa on Lion Rock'. All because of this post. Ha! Perfect.


The Chatty Housewife said...

Wow, I love this! I could spend a lot of money on that website. Drool!

jessica said...

VERY cool stuff. I second that bit about the poor college student. It will be over, one day, haha. But until then we can daydream of owning pretty things like this! :)

Marriage from Scratch said...

Neat stuff! And funny about the keywords :)

Michaela said...

Cutest shop ever! Let's go sometime :) I adore that couch.

Anonymous said...

terrain is actually owned by the same people as anthropologie.. the store is lovely in person! they even have a cute cafe/restaurant in back of the store, which is in a greenhouse. :)

Gild and Grace said...

What cute pieces. Love that couch :)

Abbey x