Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bins & Baskets {and other gather posts}

Gather post for The Inspired Room

Hey guys, I just wanted to pop in and update you on where I've been spending time lately! If you haven't heard yet, I recently started a new column for The Inspired Room that I'm really excited about! It's called Gather, a column where I gather up some of my favorite items from around the web. Basically, I window shop online and make cute collages out of my favorite finds (sweet deal, right?). 
If you missed them, here a round up of links to the ones I've done so far:

In the beginning of my blog I also did a Throw Blanket Roundup and a post called Let There Be Light {A Pendant Light Round-Up}. These were basically 'Gather' posts before I officially started them :) I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them!

Hope you're all having an amazing week!


Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

I am totally dying over all of these baskets!!

Ariel Tyler said...

I really like these baskets! I think numbers 1 and 4 are my favorite!

Maria @ All Things Luxurious said...

I love seeing your Gather posts on the Inspired Room. Something I very much look forward to! :-)

Ashlee Christopher said...

What a cute blog! So excited I found it!!


ginanorma said...

I love these basket idea/options, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

I love baskets like these to collect things. That striped one is fun.

Stay in the Lines

Amberly said...

What a fantastic collection! I love that wire basket so much. I have a bunch of wooden baskets on top of my fridge - I love the country vibe they bring to the room!